The Shimmer Project was founded in 2009 to make Open Source beautiful. Since then the collective has been working towards this target, and we think we have somewhat succeeded.

We as a collective are not part of any particular project. Our individuals, however, are members of various communities. Being a part of a community is worthy and makes working with the project easier and will strengthen the project itself. This is also a way to keep the processes and cooperation as transparent and non-exclusive as possible.

Our knowledge and expertise lies is various fields, including artwork, UI design, usability and desktop integration. Since the project is all about passion to FOSS, all of our work is free of charge. You are welcome to buy us a beer or two when we meet, though!

To get in touch with is, join our IRC channel #shimmer on the Freenode IRC network. The channel is used for both general communication and development. You can also contact any core team member by sending email to

The core team

Pasi Lallinaho, the leader and founder of the project, has a broad experience in the FOSS field. His first FOSS work date all the way back to 2006. In 2008 he started working with Ubuntu, quickly taking the position as Xubuntu Marketing Lead. In 2009, he founded the Shimmer project with Steve. In October 2011, he was elected as the Xubuntu Project Lead. Pasi works extensively with pretty much anything from artwork to web design and documentation to user support. He is also an entrepreneur and his company Digitoucan emphasizes on FOSS solutions wherever possible. Blog »

Simon Steinbeiß works a lot on his pet-project shimmer for gmusicbrowser. Other than the icon-work he’s always been doing he has recently acquired some skills in GTK and was the main contributor to two default themes for Xubuntu, namely Bluebird and its successor Greybird. He’s also a member of the elementary-design team and takes care of their xfwm4 theme.

Active contributors

Lionel Le Folgoc joined the team to help us with technical stuff, mostly packaging. Lionel is also the Xubuntu Technical Lead. Website »

Sean Davis is a programmer who helps us artists realize our vision. Blog »

Satyajit Sahoo loves to make themes (especially GTK3), play with HTML, CSS and a little bit bash scripting. He maintains the GTK3 versions of the Shimmer themes. In addition to Shimmer, he runs some free software projects of his own in leisure time, such as Fedora Utils, Elegance Colors etc. You can find more of his themes at deviantArt. Blog »

Past and inactive members

Steve Dodier, the co-founder of the project, is taking a break from FOSS. Blog »
James Schriver contributed much to Albatross.
Mads Rosendahl
helped us with Xubuntu themes. Mads is taking a break from FOSS. Blog »

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