In the past weeks, the Shimmer Project team has been getting more active again. In addition to working very closely with the Xubuntu Precise Pangolin roadmap and its items, there are some updates on other fields as well.

Albatross, Bluebird and Greybird getting love

We know we promised the Albatross facelift for this year, but sometimes life just gets in the way. The facelift has finally started progressing, though. The new xfwm buttons are almost ready, and the next thing is to finalize the xfwm style. Especially the close-button got a huge facelift, not being blurry at all anymore. This new style is actually applied with minor modifications to Greybird as well!

For now, the work has been on mockup-phase only (no working xfwm or so) but once we get most of it sorted out, we will start committing the updates to the Albatross Github repository.

Greybird’s GTK3 theme was rather hastily put together towards the end of the Oneiric cycle to have something usable for all GTK3 apps (even though there aren’t so many in Xubuntu). The last few weeks have brought around enough  freetime for me to fix some of those issues and basically rewrite the GTK3 version of the theme, following Ubuntu’s Ambiance theme to get better maintenance and cleaner code. Now finally everything should be working as expected and even in the GTK2 version a few minor problems have been tackled (non-square buttons in the panel, nicer xfce-header). You can try all the modifications by getting the theme from the Greybird Github repository.

Bluebird is getting a GTK3 port too. Work on that has started, and the goal is to have it ready before the next Xubuntu release on April 2012. Updates will follow on our site, and you can always start following the Bluebird Github repository too.

We’re featured!

Shimmer Project has been featured in several places, in internet and operating systems. These include, but are not limited to:

We love hearing people are liking our work, so we’re really happy about all this publicity. Thank you!

Cooperation with Xfce in the Design SIG

We’ve continued to cooperate with the Xfce developers on projects within the Design SIG framework and are continuing to do so. Among the things we managed in the past weeks is more xfwm4-Tabwin (Alt+tab) themability (icon-size can be set, outer frame can be removed), there are some drafts to improve Parole’s UI and we have contributed to Ristretto’s latest release. Also in the Window Manager Settings in the Xfce Settings manager the window-buttons have been replaced with better icons which both work with dark and bright themes and are semantically clear.

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