The Albatross GTK+ theme

The Albatross GTK theme is designed upon the Alvaro theme by James Schriver. Albatross is designed to be smooth: no rough borders, no contrasted edges, no violent contrasts, a soft blue colour.

Albatross is meant to be fast. This means that while the gtkrc file is light, it doesn’t fully support applications that don’t GTK+ widgets properly or don’t theme their custom widgets properly. Some of these tweaks are available, in a commented form, to distributors, though.

The Albatross Xfwm theme

Albatross uses a slightly modified version of Xfwm4.6’s default window decorations, made by Olivier Fourdan.

The xpslash theme

Albatross’ xsplash theme has been made by Mads Rosendahl Hansen and Pasi Lallinaho. It features a lovely nature wallpaper with sprinkles revolving in the middle of the screen.