The Greybird theme started out on the basis of Bluebird, but aims at reworking the pale blue color to a modern and vibrant blue that will be more pleasant to look at in everyday use.

Greybird supports GTK2 and GTK3 and ships window decorations for xfwm4, emerald, metacity and mutter.


Greybird is a modern and feature-rich theme, featuring:

  • Full GTK3 support with consistent theming for GTK2
  • High accessibility and readability
  • Support for Firefox, Chromium and LibreOffice
  • Application specific theming for several Xfce components, including Thunar, Xfce Terminal, panel and application switcher
  • Special theming support for indicators in Ubuntu
  • Compiz/Gnome support with the emerald, metacity and mutter themes