Shimmer for gmusicbrowser


We have decided to take a stab at one of our favorite music players/libraries, gmusicbrowser, and make the user interface more accessible and beautiful. To achieve our goals we modified gmusicbrowser’s surface (mainly through the customizable layouting system, but also small changes to core) and created a new icon theme (inspired by DanRabbit’s elementary theme).

We also decided to replace gmusicbrowser’s original logo, as the camel with the headphones doesn’t scale well and there is no vector format of the original, so no (easy) way to create high-resolution icons. Our icon – a green musical note – is designed to be generic, because we think that branding an application isn’t always helpful/useful for users.


In addition to our new layout, we want to provide gmusicbrowser in our PPA also because gmusicbrowser hasn’t seen a stable release in quite a while, even though the development branch is quite stable. So to bring you all the new features we’re bringing you the packages directly from Git. Both the shimmer layout and the new icon theme are used by default in our PPA.

If you find bugs in the layout or icons, file them against the gmb-shimmer project in Launchpad.