Shimmer Project

Shimmer Project

A collective founded in 2009 to make Open Source beautiful.

We work with artwork, UI design, usability, desktop integration, web development and more.

We collaborate and integrate with communities, but as a collective, do not have any structural or financial ties to other projects.

Our projects

You can find all of our projects – including our popular desktop themes – with descriptions and their latest and greatest versions in Github.

Shimmer Project on Github

If you want to install our themes, they are available in the repositories of most operating systems.

Contact us

You can get in touch with us by joining our IRC channel #shimmer on the Freenode IRC network.
The channel is used for both general communication, user support and development discussions.

Who are we?

Pasi Lallinaho Pasi Lallinaho Website

Co-founder. Artwork, UI and web.

Simon Steinbeiß Simon Steinbeiß Website

Xfce, Artwork and UI.

Sean Davis Sean Davis Website

Technical guru.

Unit193 Unit193 Website

Likes boxes and packages.

Inactive and past members